Providing facilitation, coaching, and strategic consultancy to charities and faith based organisations.


Danny offers charities and other not-for-profits a range of services, including facilitation, coaching, and support with strategic direction and governance.


Danny is an experienced facilitator, skillfully working with small and large groups alike. Danny will design, agree and lead the facilitation process, ensuring that the client will always remain confident that their purpose will be achieved... more


Using the Gestalt approach to coaching, Danny offers charity and not-for-profit leaders the opportunity to identify and achieve their goals. Danny will agree with the client (the coachee or an employer) the purpose, length and nature of the coaching sessions, before working with the coachee to complete their aims... more

Strategy and Governance Consultancy

Danny is in demand to bring his wide expertise from the charity, not-for-profit and faith sectors to other organisations. Danny works with clients to identify their ambition and to scope out the detail for consultancy work: strategic reviews, strategic planning, governance reviews and training of boards of trustees... more




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