Danny is an experienced facilitator, skillfully working with small and large groups alike. Danny will design, agree and lead the facilitation process, ensuring that the client will always remain confident that their purpose will be achieved. Examples of processes where Danny has acted as facilitator include: the development of charity strategic plans;  bringing together hundreds of stakeholders to tackle an issue of social concern; consulting beneficiaries; identifying opportunities for intergenerational action; developing vision, mission and values; youth inclusion; restructuring resources for a major diocesan agency. 

Clients include:

Mill Hill Missionaries General Council – Facilitation of part of the General Council meeting, enabling the Council to explore specific issues and identify strategies for implementation.

Archdiocese of Westminster: Design and facilitation of an 18 month process to develop more effective means of collaboration for individuals and organisations working in the field of ‘justice and peace’.

Missio: Design and facilitation of a six month governance review with the senior management team and Board of Trustees, developing models of governance to suit the complex needs of an organisation needing to relate both to UK charity regulations and Church law.


Providing facilitation, coaching, and strategic consultancy to charities and faith based organisations.

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