Life and Leadership Coaching


Danny coaches mainly within the charity and not-for-profit world.  As a coach with the experience of a seasoned charity leader and an unwavering commitment to accompany you, Danny creates a space for you to gain clarity and awareness. Over the coaching period this leads to transformational change, enriching your professional and personal world.

Each coaching session has the potential to leave you with:

Raised awareness and clarity about your present situation

Deeper understanding about the person you are

Realisation about what may be limiting you

New possibilities for your life and work

Clarity on where you want to go and practical means of how to get there.

Danny uses the Gestalt approach to coaching, attending to the client as a whole with all the different aspects that make up the person.

What is Gestalt Coaching?

Self-discovery is the beginning of deep transformation and is the hallmark of Gestalt coaching.

Here, the relationship between the coachee and coach is key – Danny will help to build a non-judgmental relationship based on trust, openness and attentiveness. Danny brings to the relationship his experience, curiosity, optimism about what can be, and an appropriate amount of challenge.

The Gestalt approach holds that change occurs when “I become what I am, not when I struggle to become what I am not.” Danny supports clients to come to a fuller awareness of themselves and what is happening now. Danny will coach you to see how this awareness can lead to new possibilities. You’ll identify what you want to achieve and identify new choices and responses to your situation. Using creative experiments you will feel confident to translate these insights into practical action in your daily life and work.


Danny says, “My area of speciality is social transformation and the people who make it happen”. His background includes:

CEO, Senior Leader, Chair of Trustees, Board member.

Charity leader and consultant - identifying and supporting people’s potential.

Extensive work with young people, social enterprise, community development, faith communities, governance, strategic development, fundraising

Trainer, speaker and facilitator

Kinharvie Institute trained (IAF Accredited, ICA Accredited)

Clients include:

Charity CEOs and senior-managers

Charity teams


Individuals committed to developing their own lives and to impact others.

Coaching areas: Leadership, career coaching, personal development, team coaching, work/life balance, relationships, youth coaching.

Your Coaching Experience

If someone has recommended that you explore coaching with Danny – even if you’re not the usual charity client, that’s fine – they know Danny, and they know you. So trust their judgment and get in touch.

Not all clients need to have clear goals – or want to change the world! Dissatisfaction in areas of your life and work is often the starting point for coaching. Coaching relationships are not open ended. Coaching should not be a crutch – but a tool to achieve something. Danny will work with you to identify areas to work on, and to enable you to identify what you want to achieve from the coaching partnership and how long the coaching contract will last.

Practicalities and Fees

Like many professional coaches Danny offers a free initial consultation, usually by phone or Skype. He operates to the highest standards of professional ethics, maintaining the ICC code of practice and prioritising the well being of clients at all times. Fees are in line with London based coaches and will depend on whether you are self-funding or being sponsored by a charity. 


Providing facilitation, coaching, and strategic consultancy to charities and faith based organisations.